These Guitars Say Sorry
These Guitars Say Sorry
UK Singer Songwriter - Performing in the Pacific Northwest

Musician from the UK

Specializing in performances at

Photo Credit: Wes Weresch

Photo Credit: Wes Weresch


A solo musician from England that moved to Washington State some years ago and started playing music again, These Guitars Say Sorry initially played in and around the Yakima Valley but now plays statewide and into Oregon. You can find him at resorts, wineries, breweries and festivals entertaining crowds most weekends. 

Engaging audiences with his music, they also greatly enjoy his British accent and connect with the stories he tells between songs. These interludes have become as much a part of the show as the music. He talks about England, his hometown, how he came to be a US citizen and how he and his wife came to adopt 3 special needs kids.

Music wise he tailors his sound to your venue, able to play either  concert style or background music adjusting the volume accordingly. With a large repertoire he can keep your guest entertained throughout your event regardless of duration.

  • Tailored to your venue

  • British accent makes the show unique 

  • Original songs

  • Compelling stories

  • Entertained guests



Having played several hundred shows both in Europe and the USA, These Guitars Say Sorry has the experience to make sure that you have everything you need at your event.

He will work with you to identify your musical needs and will provide:

  • Sound equipment catered to your space, ale to entertain a small intimate room or a large outdoor event

  • A performance to match the venue. Whether you have boisterous guests or a Sunday afternoon clientele that want to relax with music as their backdrop, These Guitars Say Sorry is experienced enough to match his performance to the audience.

  • Help publicizing your event on social media, contacting local press and Chambers of Commerce to ensure the success of your event

  • Design and provision of a poster for your event.

  • Open lines of communication to make your event run smoothly.



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These Guitars Say Sorry writes his own songs. They are uniquely British, while at the same time  being universal. Allowing him to weave in stories from his past and present.

With a mix of tempos, the music ideally matches the ebb and flow of an afternoon or evening at your venue, providing entertainment and atmosphere for your customers.

Having released two albums he is currently embarking on his third, which promises to be more reflective of his live performances with just him and his guitar.

Samples of his music are available upon request.


The New Album

Photo: Aaron Atanacio photography

Photo: Aaron Atanacio photography


The third album from These Guitars Say Sorry is an 11 song chronological journey.

Recorded in Washington State and Oslo it features additional guitars, vocals and percussion by The Choir of Phantoms: Melina Oz, Marius Ihler and Gunnar Kjellsby, representing the first time These Guitars Say Sorry has had songs recorded as a full band.




Keynote conference speaker Jez Slowe. Transformative life stories.

Keynote conference speaker Jez Slowe. Transformative life stories.

Engaging, motivational and transformational. Bring an unique keynote speaker to your event.

Hailing from England and now living and working in the Pacific Northwest, Jez Slowe, who performs under the name of These Guitars Say Sorry, weaves stories of his life and travels into his musical performance making for a memorable presentation at your event.

Using his life journey, his keynote is a perfect fit for any organization looking to motivate its attendees. He speaks of change and change management, overcoming obstacles and re-calibrating life to adapt and advance. Drawing on his experiences in life, his travels, his relationships and parenting 3 special needs children.

His music acts as a perfect counterpoint, involving your attendees in the event, making them more than passive observers.

Make contact today and have unique keynote speaker for your next convention, seminar or corporate gathering . One that your attendees will remember.



Invite British singer songwriter These Guitars Say Sorry into your home for a unique evening of music and invite your friends along to listen.

What is a house concert?

A house concert is an invitation-only concert in someone’s home, presented by a host .

Although the format can vary, house concerts are usually…

Attended by 20 or so people and take place in a party like setting with drinks and snacks. They are usually attended by the host’s friends and neighbors and the musician is paid for by donations from the guests.

The show itself is performed at relatively low volume to a quiet room with the audience sitting close to the performer listening.

After the mingling prior to the music the evening is made up of two 45 performances with a break in between.

A house show make for a memorable evening for you and your guests.